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honor your uniqueness

special blend salves

formulated herbal extracts
prepared in 100 proof vodka

special blend salves
These gifts from nature promote well being, improve our natural
immune-system response and nourish our connection to Motherearth.
honor your uniqueness formulated herbal tincturesBear Heart™
formulated herbal tinctures Bladder Bliss
formulated herbal tinctures Breathe Easy
formulated herbal tinctures Divine Digestion
formulated herbal tinctures D-TOX
formulated herbal tinctures Harvest Blend
formulated herbal tinctures Hormonic Harmony
formulated herbal tinctures Lion's Roar

formulated herbal tinctures Nourished Nerves
formulated herbal tincturesPotent Passion
formulated herbal tincturesRebuild and Replenish
formulated herbal tincturesSpring Delight
formulated herbal tinctures Summer Soother
formulated herbal tinctures Sweet Dreams
formulated herbal tinctures Triple Goddess
formulated herbal tinctures Winter Wonder


Bear Heart™- Hawthorn berries, Motherwort and Ginko.
Improves heart function; blood and oxygen supply to the heart; decreases blood cholesterol levels; harmonizes blood pressure.

Bladder Bliss - Bearberry, Nettle and Cornsilk
Internal antiseptic; reduces inflammation; soothes and nourishes kidney and bladder function; promotes tissue repair and harmonizes urination.

Breathe Easy - Mullein Leaf, Goldenrod and Osha Root
Strengthens and supports lung function. Clears the chest, expels phlegm, relieves congestion and opens nasal passages.

Divine Digestion - Dandelion leaf and root, Hops and Lemon Balm.
Strengthens and tonifies digestion; aids in absorption and utilization of vitamins and minerals.

D-TOX - Red Clover blossoms, Cleavers and Nettle.
Cleanse, cool and restore vital organs for vital health.

Harvest Blend - Goldenrod, Wild Oregano, St. John's Wort, Red Clover and Calendula blossoms.
Reduces fluid congestion; antiseptic; antiviral; enlivens the blood and lifts the spirit.

Hormonic Harmony - Vitex (Chasteberry seed), Cronewort (Mugwort), Motherwort, Life Root and St. John's Wort.
Supports the endocrine system,enhances calcium absorption while toning both the heart and uterus; relief of discomfort associated with PMS(pre-menstrual strength) and menopause metamorphosis. Transforms rage to contemplation, brings clarity and responsiveness.

Lion's Roar - Barberry, Motherwort and Dandelion flower, leaf and root.
Promotes courage, self-love and gentle strength, at the same time nourishes the heart, liver and digestive systems.

Nourished Nerves - Skullcap. St. John's Wort, Lemon Balm, Hops and Motherwort.
Supports nervous system; eases stress, irritability and nervous tension.

Potent Passion - Oatstraw, Life Root, Saw Palmetto berries, Skullcap and Red Clover blossoms.
Energizes sexual desire in both men and women; enhances sexual enjoyment and increases sexual capacity.

Rebuild and Replenish - Milk Thistle seeds, Burdock root, Yellow Dock, Dandelion root and Mullien.
Liver, Digestive and lung support; promotes kidney and intestinal function; restores the blood and generates strength.

Spring Delight - Dandelion, Chickweed and Cleavers.
Tones, supports and nourishes liver, kidneys and adrenals.

Summer Soother - Hawthorn, Burdock root and Violet flowers.
Nourishes the heart, keeps you cool and enhances your inner beauty.

Sweet Dreams - Skullcap, Motherwort and Catnip.
Promotes a restful sleep, awaken clear and refreshed.

Triple Goddess - Chickweed (stellaria media) Motherwort (leonorus cardiaca) Cronewort (mugwort, artemisia vulgaris)
Womens tonic; improves blood flow and lymphatic fluid to the pelvis; relieves ovarian pain;helps to eliminate ovarian cysts

Winter Wonder - Echinacea root, Yarrow, Osha root St. John's Wort and Cronewort (Mugwort).
Strengthens and supports the immune system, lifts the spirit and supports lung function; anti-viral; anti-bacterial; excellent preventative during cold and flu season.

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